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Travel Insurance

Sadly, lost baggage and cancelled flights do happen. Personal circumstances change too and things such as bad health or even volcanic ash can spoil even the best-laid holiday plans.

Aloha Holidays requires all customers to have adequate travel insurance in place at the time of booking their Hawaiian holiday. This offers you protection for covered circumstances from the time you make your initial payment (typically this first payment covers the cost of your flights and your hotel booking deposit).

You may already have travel insurance in place; it is often best value to get an add-on travel insurance package from your existing health insurer or your credit card company? On our Booking Form we ask you to give us details of your policy and the emergency contact number which we can keep safely on file for you.

It is worth checking your existing policy to make sure the value of your Hawaiian vacation is completely covered. Some travel insurance policies only offer cover up to a maximum valueof around Euro 3,000 per person. Your Hawaiian trip, particularly if it is your honeymoon, could be valued at more. In this case you should get on to your supplier to top up your insurance for the duration of your holiday or purchase an additional policy when you make your booking.

Similarly, if you plan on trying any sporting or other activities during your stay you should ensure your policy covers you. Some policies specifically exclude some activities. You should be familiar with the conditions of your insurance before deciding to participate in any activities and be aware that excluded activities are undertaken enitrely at your own risk.

Aloha Holidays can supply travel insurance if required. This can be specifically for your Hawaiian sun holiday or honeymoon or it can cover you for all your travel over a full year. The level of cover required will depend on the value of your trip and the length of time you will be away.

Aloha Holidays' preferred insurance partner is Accident & General. The rates for holiday insurance depend on your requirements, certain sporting holidays, etc, may incur an additional premium or a policy from a different insurance partner. Click here to compare the insurance cover provided under both policies (information supplied by Accident & General, subject to change).

All our policies include travel delay/abandonment due to a delay in excess of 24 hours due to natural disaster (e.g. ash cloud).The level of cover required will depend on the value of your trip and the length of time you will be away.

We can provide both single trip and annual multi-trip policies, Standard or Premium cover, for individuals, couples and families. Please contact us for a quote for your holiday.

Fairsure Standard covers medical expenses, baggage and cancellation amongst others on all types of trips.

In addition to the cover provided under Fairsure Standard, Premier customers benefit from: zero excess costs applicable (i.e no deductions are made for claims). Full winter sports, golf & adrenalin sports cover included. Increased baggage, cancellation & medical cover.

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