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Useful Information about Hawaii

• Hawaiian Time Zone: Hawaii is 10 hours behind GMT. However, Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time so between March and November it is 11 hours behind Ireland.

• Telephones: The area code for the entire State of Hawaii is 808. For long distance calls between the islands dial 1-808 followed by the number. All calls within an island are local. Many hotels offer free local calls. Most Irish mobile phones work in Hawaii but check with your local service provider to be sure ... and watch out for those expensive roaming costs.

• Weather: As they say in Hawaii: "Sometimes same, sometimes little bit different!". It is almost always warm and sunny (about 25 to 30 degrees Celcius), with a chance of showers so anytime of year is a good time to visit. The trade winds keep things comfortable year-round so high humidity or sticky heat is rarely a problem. Water temperature averages around 24 degrees Celcius year round.

• Clothing: Definitely casual. T-shirts, shorts and sandals are the norm. Bring a light jacket for evenings. Semi-casual is fine for restaurants and nightlife. Suits and ties are rarely worn, even amongst the business community where colourful Aloha shirts are usual.

• Tipping: Around 15 to 20 percent on meals, at least $1 per bag for porters and $1 to $2 per night for housekeeping. Remember, even if breakfast is included as part of your holiday package you are still expected to leave a tip for the waiting staff.

Photo credits: HTA